Welcome to Hayden Hall, Darjeeling

Welcome to Hayden Hall. We are a private, non-profit relief and development association based in Darjeeling.

The Name, the vision, and mission of Hayden Hall

Hayden Hall was named after Fr. Edward John Hayden SJ. Fr. Hayden was born on October 15th 1893 in Kildare, Ireland. He studied at Carlow in the school of the Irish Christian Brothers and in his free time worked with his father in their farm. However, Fr. Hayden could never see himself as a farmer for the rest of his life. So he left home and became a wireless operator in the Merchant Navy. After the experience of three and half years at sea, he came to India. Little did he know that he would never go back to the sea - let alone Ireland! In 1921, he began teaching as a layman at North Point. He enjoyed teaching. He also liked the Jesuit community, and in the year 1925 he decided to join the congregation. He was ordained in 1933. After completing his Jesuit training he returned to North Point in 1936. He retired at the age 78 in the year 1971. During his tenure at North Point he was a very important part of everything that happened there. Since he knew what it meant to live a life of poverty, Fr. Hayden loved the poor. In order to commemorate this abundant love for the poor that Fr. Hayden was known for, our founder - Fr. Edgar Burns, named our institute after Fr. Hayden.

The Vision and Mission

“Human Development through Love and Service”

We believe in people… We believe in the total development of human person… We believe in community programs… through an integrated approach… thorough discussion and dialogue… develop the weakest members of our society to discover themselves … to develop their potential!!! The word ‘development’ is like a chameleon, forever changing colors in different contexts. Therefore, be it quantitative or qualitative development, it must be understood, on the micro or the macro level, in here-and-now actual situations & circumstance, for true human development must always contribute to the fuller growth of our less privileged brothers & sisters. Inspired to work for women empowerment, we provide them with opportunities to sustain themselves. Our philosophy is simple but effective: helping women help themselves economically brings a positive effect on their children, family, and the society as a whole. As the aggravated plight of poor women such as lack of education, inequality, health risk, and scores of other concerns are crippling the society - there is a dire need for providing women a secure stand so that they emerge as self reliant individuals, capable of supporting the basic needs of their families whilst developing more self confidence.

Director Fr. John S. Kennedy, SJ